Cooking large meals during the holidays can be an incredibly daunting experience. 

While working on a holiday pallet, I had the idea — what if there were easy tools to plan and organize everything shoppers are looking for during the hectic holiday season?

For this project I researched insights, wrote a deck, created mockups, and presented my idea to the client and their technology team.


Busy schedules. Trying to find holiday recipes. Writing up way too long ingredient lists. And then trying to figure out when to start cooking every dish (along with basting a turkey) so that everything comes out of the oven at the same time... Holidays can be a little stressful.


Wouldn't it be great to have a tool that made holiday meals just a little bit easier? Aligning with the client's overarching objective of growing a new group of Millennial and Gen-X consumers, I planned out how we could create a digital tool that would help simplify the holiday cooking experience.


Since holiday work was already being developed, we had to work fast. I created a simple execution that could be created in time for it all to go live for that year. The plan for that year focused on minor edits to the existing recipe website along with print resources that customers could download and use.


Once I finished thinking through immediately possible executions, I set to work envisioning how the same content could be developed further for a more robust digital tool. I wanted to create a hub where all of the ideas, planning and recipes could be organized in one tool. The existing website had most of the content already available, it was just not well organized for consumers to easily navigate through the many pages.


Log on and select all the recipes you'd like to serve at your meal


Input the meal time, number of diners and if you'd like leftovers


Receive a customized meal report including a compiled shopping list, cooking timeline, recipe how-to's, easy kitchen hacks and leftover ideas