The client asked my team to create an endcap header card that she could use to sell-in a program to a retailer. The team wanted to highlight the smaller, travel size packaging for Advil. 

We took this as an opportunity to ideate around how to integrate the brand, retailer and the summer time period. We created 3 full concepts including ideas on how to cross-promote within other sections of the store.

I led the team including another art director and a copywriter.



The idea was to feature Advil-branded totes to pack a summer bag right at the display and be ready for anything that summer brings. Ideas for items on the end cap include sunglasses, flip flops, Tide-To-Go Pens, car chargers, bug spray, hair clips, candy bars, quick dry nail polish, dry shampoo, Chapstick, and roll-up flat shoes.


This end cap would be divided down the middle. One half would be daytime summer products, including Advil pain relief. The other half would be nighttime summer products, including Advil PM. The products ideas for the daytime side include sunscreen, SPF Chapstick, sunglasses, flip flops, sun hats and pool toys. The product ideas for the nighttime side include sleep masks, teas, blankets, bug spray, citronella candles, and flashlights.


Using travel icons and directional arrows, this idea was to help shoppers quickly identify everything they need to be prepared for fun summer getaways. This end cap would have all of the small, travel sized items in the store including sunscreen, floss, tooth paste, hand sanitizer, lotion, mouth wash, mini first-aid kit, tweezers, mini umbrella and mini snack packs or granola bars.