The goal of this shopper marketing project was to showcase the entirely new fresh stock product including its taste, fresh ingredients and that it saves time in the kitchen.
 Layouts were restricted only by the photography that had already been shot. 
 This is the final creative after several rounds with the client. The concept is all about the simple, basic nature of the product as well as the idea that the stock is the perfect blank canvas for the best home chefs to start with.
 The brand team needed to alert consumers to an entirely new product with a very limited budget. Since the consumer doesn't know this type of product even exists, we needed to work hard to get on their shopping list.  Keeping the key demographic in mind of the "Home Chef", we suggested including digital media such as targeted web banners on Epicurious or Food52. To target those who are heavy stock users but may not have any stock in their pantry at the moment, we suggested also using targeted web banners on work-friendly sites such as Pandora to remind them at about 3pm before they leave work to drive them to the grocery store.
 If consumers were not reached before their shopping trip to drive them to the refrigerated deli cases, we needed to find a way to get their attention in store. We created bold at-shelf signage that includes information, recipes and a coupon to drive purchase.
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